Thursday, March 24, 2011

Side Note

(I know I have gone down this road before, but it's still on my mind. Skip this if you don't have any sympathy; I know I shouldn't complain.)

For all the fabulous things our month of life here in Gaborone has afforded, I am feeling the physical pain of missing Buenos Aires.

Like when I was looking at this. It was almost too painful to read and see the images (look at the slide show). The place is in our old neighborhood in BsAs. The street and everything about the inside and the outside of the house, from the mix of old and new architecture to the flea-market finds and decor, feels so familiar.

I desperately want to do what they did; buy a fixer-upper in BsAs, of which there are many beautiful, "affordable" options (for middle to higher-income Americans pulling two paychecks (of which we are not)), and split my time between there and the U.S.

Only a few things standing in my way: namely, FINANCE$ and my JOB. Small obstacles :)

But I love my job and I know that BsAs is not perfect. There were many annoying things about life there, too (no milkshakes, for one!).

I do love the idea of seeing the world two to three years at a time, as my job will allow me to do. But I think the transition between places in this career is going to be very hard for me.

Is it just because Buenos Aires was my first post and first time doing this? Or is it because BsAs is so freaking sweet that it makes it all the harder to have left? Will it be like this when I leave Gaborone? I sure hope not. Maybe the second time around will be easier and/or maybe it will be altogether easier to leave Gabs. I hope I find things I love about this place, too.

For the time being, I am going day by day, hoping that just like with breakups it will get less painful as each week passes.


Travelin' Tracy said...

I was once told that people who work in the foreign service are moved around because otherwise they wouldn't want to ever come back to America...they might just fall in love with their location. In fact, you are supposed to come home frequently to remember the things that make the U.S. great (like milkshakes). So I think your feelings are probably very natural to be experiencing. Plus, I have always imagined you as more of a city girl anyways (remember when you lived in the pool house?). Well, I'm sure this time in Botswana will be great because the bonding experiences with Nile will be priceless. I can only imagine what it will be like when you show her a real lion and you are not in a zoo. hahaa hang in there and you will learn to love your new place too.

Shannon said...

I'm on the third post and as far as I can tell it is normal. I go through it everytime. SIGH. Although I still hold a very special [lace in my heart for Jakarta which was our first post.

nomadic gnome said...

aww megs, i can totally relate. when i moved from nyc, i seriously mourned for a solid year. i still have pangs of missing my old love, but i also feel like i've finally settled into life here in DC. a little more quiet, a little more familiar, and easy.
you'll get there with bots, just give it time. and you're lucky that you documented your life in BA so well, that you can look back and remember the perfect times (and the not-so-perfect hard times that you forget as you romanticize perfect BA. :) ). and if you don't feel better after a year, maybe start saving your pennies so you can move back to BA! :)

Lacey said...

I'm so glad your the dual party went so well. It looks beautiful and like you had a great group of people. Happy Birthday Nile. She looks even bigger than when we saw her last. Too fast!

Ryan M. Janda said...

Since I am a fellow Buenos-Aires-o-phile, if I may coin the term, I have to say one thing in its defense: there ARE milkshakes, Megan! And we want you to come back to visit so we can introduce you to them... But like many of your friends have already said, it's true: each time you pack up and leave, it's hard to leave all the good behind. But remember that a) you can always come back, and b) when you do come back, it won't be the same - the people, the vibe, the EVERYTHING that made it what it was will change. And that will still make Buenos Aires great, but it won't be the BA you remember. And if you're really just sad about leaving me behind, don't worry, there will be another box o' love in the mail for you in about a month or so...Give Nil and Nile abrazos for me...