Friday, March 18, 2011

More Utah

Before we left Utah, my Grandma took us on a historical driving tour of Layton/Ogden area. We saw where her mother lived, where my Great-Grandma taught school, where my Grandma and Grandpa lived after they were married, and other places.

We stopped in front of the LDS (Mormon) temple in Ogden, where my Grandpa was a sealer, or marriage officiant. Apparently they are going to give this temple a face-lift, so here it is before:


On our way to the airport, we got a peek of the more aesthetically pleasing Salt Lake City temple.

And we met up with BRI!!!!! for breakfast. Bri was one of my roommates at BYU-Hawaii. We had SO MUCH FUN together living in the Quiet House with 8 other girls!

Unfortunately her husband, Byron, was sick so we couldn't meet him. Oh well, next time!


Bri is a natural with kids. Nile loved her.

Again, I wish we lived closer! :/

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