Tuesday, March 22, 2011



We went to our friends' house to take Nile for her first dip in a swimming pool!

She didn't seem fazed or scared at all. She played with bougainvillea petals and a floating dog toy and was trying to catch a little water beetle that kept swimming up to her.
Notice the bougainvillea petal in her hand.

Afterward we enjoyed talking and relaxing on the patio. Nile missed her naps, but was such a good girl all day. I think she enjoyed her first time in the pool!
Notice the pen in her hand. I forgot to mention that pens are another of the plastic items she loves, along with key fobs, earrings, sunglasses, chapstick tubes, Advil bottles, etc. My purse is her treasure trove. And on the wicker table in front of us you can see a plastic spoon and a little plastic ring toy. Anything to keep her happy!


Nomads By Nature said...

Sounds like a great first pool experience! And Congrats - I think today she is 1? We are enjoying reading about your adventures in the big B. Can't wait to read more!

modestmuse said...

She is one, thanks for remembering! :)