Wednesday, September 22, 2010


You wouldn't believe who I saw this morning:

He was just standing there at a bus stop on the corner, across from my office, waiting to cross the street. I was driving and pulled up to the corner and I happened to look over and saw him standing there, right by my car. He had on big reflective sunglasses, but there was NO mistaking those lips ... that nose ... that profile. He was wearing pants and a gray/green kind of military-ish buttoned up jacket and carrying a folder like a lot of the visitors who come to my work do.

I was like "WHAAAAAATT????? NOOOoooooooo, it can't be!?!?" He's Mexican, but he does have the Argentine mullet look, so I thought maybe it was his doppelganger, especially since he looked like he had just left my office. I was totally rubbernecking as the light turned green, I could barely drive my car lol!!!

I whipped around the block and came back, and he had crossed and was totally walking into the lovely park across the street from work. I was still in complete shock and was SURE it was him, but had no idea what he would be doing here.

Watching him walk away, it even WALKED like him; slightly bowlegged and he is definitely short, but hey, I have no problem with short ;)

It was totally like a movie -- he was walking into the hazy, morning-sun drenched park, glowing, with the dogwalkers in the background watching their charges cavort in the grass, and the glaringly white Monumento de Los Españoles in the distance.

Sighhhhhhhh !

I totally thought about chasing him!!!! Instead, I parked the car and -- naturally -- called Neil and asked him to GUESS who I just saw???!?!??!!? Hahaha. He was laughing and was very excited for me because he *knows how I feel* about Gael :)

He told me I should chase after him into the park -- I thought about it. I was at the crossroads we at some point find ourselves in life, where I could chase Gael into the sun and grassy park and future, or turn and go to work.

I went to work.

I DID, however, see my Argentine coworker and told her who I just saw and she said "Oh yeah, he's married to an Argentine." I had no idea! Then it was further confirmed that I was not going crazy, that it really WAS him, because I later found out he had an appointment in our office this morning!

This made my day week lifetime.


eve said...

wow. that boy is REALLY beautiful. How totally thrilling for you. Once I rode in an elevator with Sean Penn. Just me and him. He flicked his hair back, looked at me and said, "How ya doin?" ME!??! Sean Penn wanted to know how I was doing!!! I was pretty elated.

Bfiles said...

wow!!! That is an amazing story. Did you beg to be the one to do his interview?

stephanie joy said...

ohhh! I love him too! Oh so lucky! And so lucky you didn't rub his upper back and arms..... people have been known to do crazy things when they run into celebrities.... no one I know. Just people.

modestmuse said...

Eve, thrilling is the perfect word. My heart is STILL racing, a day later. I can totally picture Sean Penn how you described him! Crazy!!

B, luckily (or unluckily in this case) I don't do interviews, but wow, this would have been a good one!

Steph, you had me cracking up at your comment. I remember you posting about that with the Lost guy!!! Hey, at least you got to touch him! lol