Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flower Delivery

To herald spring, a lady in my neighborhood ordered a truckload (OK, it was a cartload) of flowers for her balcony.


I happened to pass by as the delivery guy pushed the cart in front of her building and buzzed her apt. I stopped to take pictures because the cart of flowers was so beautiful! I could hear her answer and talk to him about coming up with the delivery. There he is, checking his list.


I like this lady's style! I would love to welcome spring with a cartload of my favorite plants and flowers. But as you may remember, I have a growing Garden of Death, as Neil calls it, on our balcony ... I am not the best with plants; for how much I love them, they mostly seem to die under my care neglect.



Shannon said...

I can grow things outside in a garden with no problem but when it comes to plants in pots they tend to have a shot life span. I finally decided to view pretty potted plants the same way I view cut flowers. I know they are going to die, hopefully it just takes longer. In the mean time they make me smile.

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Faiza Shafi said...

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