Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tip Toes

It's kind of hard to tell here, but Nile was insisting on "walking" on her toes. She has always loved to stand, ever since she was a baby (I know, she still is a baby), and now that she wants to be mobile, she likes to practice "walking."

It was so cute how she was completely on the balls of her feet the whole time.

Kind of funny, because Neil remembers that his sister, Becky, did the same thing as a little girl, and now Becky's son, who is three, does it too. This same cousin of Nile's is the one I think she looks a lot like; in the delivery room after she was born I said that she looked like him haha!

 Taking a tour around the room.





hannah said...

I did the same thing as a child! In fact, if I'm barefoot, I still walk on my toes. Who knows why...

Brooke said...

This post could also be titled, "Megan is very tall and skinny with super long legs".

modestmuse said...

It's all about angles Brooke ;) But really I should have cropped myself out because I am all distorted, I hope I don't really look like that (enormous feet!).