Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekend Restaurant Review: Le Blé

Five stars, two thumbs up, Le Blé is all that and more.

The food was excellent, the atmosphere was charming and the waitstaff was pretty good (for BsAs).

We met William, Deena and their sweet little baby girl at their house to decide where we were going to eat.

We enjoyed our time at Le Blé, as the hours passed fleetingly with good friends and good food.


The entry to their place. A totally sweet, vintage Buenos Aires apartment building. Double doors to a marble-floored and marble-wainscoted indoor/outdoor hall.

The family in their cute little place with a garden out back. Nile took this opportunity to rest up for the restaurant adventure.

Le Blé!

Our communal, farmhouse-style table. I want a table like this in my house!!!!

The guys at our table didn't seem to mind being surrounded by babies.


My favorite Buenos Aires treat: a submarino! Bitter chocolate dropped into steamed milk and add a little sugar, yum!

It wouldn't be a French bakery without the GOODIES!!!!!!



William approves.  Yes, those are burgers they ordered, and ginger-mint lemonade. Quite an eclectic menu, but they do it all EXTREMELY well. Did I mention Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams (one of my all-time favorites) was playing the whole time? Unexpected and simply lovely.

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Deborah said...

I looks so yummy!!!
you remind me to the Buenos Aires travel I did last year, the food there was AMAZING!! Al the sweet stuff there is great.. the Dulce de Leche, the alfajores... oh my god they are incredible.
Also the poeple there seemed very nice :)