Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekend Restaurant Review: Sucre

I can't even really do a review of Sucre, because it is so consistently excellent (except for the one time I saw a cook drop a chicken leg on the floor and then put it on a plate and serve it ...) that I always go back and enjoy the food, atmosphere, and, inevitably, the company.

Last Friday's trip there didn't disappoint.

We were 10, plus our cosmopolitan baby Nile Malena, and we had an excellent meal and a really enjoyable time.

The restaurant is super trendy, loud (with ambiance-enhancing bossa nova/Thievery Corporation-sounding mixes) and bustling.

My highest recommendations (just don't order the chicken leg).

The owners also own Gran Bar Danzón, another fabulous restaurant which I have probably previously featured on this here blog because it's a favorite.



My meal. Their delicious asado de tira. I was sad when 3/4 of the way through, the waiter whisked it away when I wasn't looking :(

Neil's kebabs.

Jamie's beautifully presented chicken.

Jennifer's fish.

Nile's bottle.

The wine vault. A huge, dimmed, room with a subterranean level, that stands in the middle of the restaurant.

The open kitchen that runs the width of the back of the restaurant. If you sit at those tables beside the kitchen, they had better be prepared for you to see what goes on :)



The bar, with a catwalk above to the restrooms.

My current favorite picture of me and my baby girl. She really does enjoy going out and being part of the group.


Bfiles said...

I am truly impressed that you are still painting the town now that you're a mom. If you're still doing it when she's two, I'm coming to take parenting lessons from you!

Lincoln and Alisia said...

Didn't we go there? It was delish!

modestmuse said...

HA! Thanks for the props on my parenting skills, but we only take her out now because she has no choice ;) I'm sure that once she starts walking, there will be no taking her out in public at night!

And yes, Ali, that's the place we went. Yum!