Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weekday/end Restaurant Review: El Pobre Luis

Fodor's Guide Buenos Aires says that "the food is fantastic" at our neighborhood parilla (Argentine barbecue restaurant) El Pobre Luis, where it is served in a "fun atmosphere": a cool renovated factory with sports jerseys and memorabilia everywhere.

Maybe that's why we went there twice last week! I would say it has arguably the best meat I've had in Buenos Aires.

You can smell the mouthwatering aroma of meat on the grill as you get close to the restaurant.


The open kitchen. Check the huge slab of meat over on the cutting board.

Trip No. 1, Sept. 3, with Gabriel and Danae.


The host was so nice, he made a huge fuss of giving me a chair to relax in while we waited for a table, and then the waiters (on both trips) made a huge fuss of making sure the table was moved so that the stroller fit beside it. Great service, I was impressed.

Trip No. 2, Sept. 9, with Steve and Katie.
The way we were seated at the table, the waiter totally thought Neil and Katie were together, with their little white baby. Their actual baby boy was asleep under cover in his stroller.

I wish I could accurately describe to you how incredibly delicious Argentine beef is. Everything you've heard is true; it's out of this world. And I was never a big meat-eater before I came here, but oh my goodness, it is SOOOOOOoooooooo good. Huge. And cheap.


The ribs in the foreground are my order, the "asado de tira," my very favorite cut -- it has fat on it that you can eat, it is SO delicious. I don't really know what this is doing for my cholestorol ...

Nile is becoming a true Porteña; I think this was around midnight. Yes, the restaurant was still packed. Yes, it was a weeknight. Crazy Argentines!



Daniela Swider said...

I am not a big red meat eater but boy, my mouth was watering looking at these pictures. Thanks for sharing! Now, I need to go to Argentina!

Shannon said...

It's Friday, and that means that the Weekly State Department Blog Roundup is up - and you're on it! 

Here is the link:

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Sara said...

Hi! What a beautiful pictures you took! Hasta ahí llegó mi inglés, jaja, espero que entiendan. Yo les recomiendo comer sushi en las cañitas la próxima. Bye!