Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Restaurant Review: Evita Museum Restaurant

The Evita Museum cafe is a beautiful, classic, Buenos Aires experience. This was my first time there and I'd been wanting to go for awhile.

We met up with some friends and sat in the outdoor patio portion of the restaurant. Nile especially enjoyed the gorgeous (finally!) spring-like weather and sunshine. We showed up (after Nile's nap) in time for dessert and tea, so I can't yet speak for the food, although we heard it was excellent.

This is the first in a few local restaurant reviews I am going to post -- going out to eat is seriously one of my favorite things to do in Buenos Aires (and luckily both Neil and Nile are happy to join), and we have hit up the highs and lows all in the past week, warranting a series of little reviews.

Nile has taken to making open-mouthed humming noises, with her jaw cocked to one side. She seems to do it when she's getting a little sleepy (this pic was actually on our way out, after lunch).

"Pet friendly -- Your Pet is Welcome"

Nile was playing peek-a-boo -- well, she hasn't quite caught on to the game yet, but she smiles nonetheless -- with one of our friends.


A new friend, visiting from Uruguay.


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