Sunday, May 29, 2011


We had a great Easter weekend. I know, it was awhile ago; I think we're both aware that I'm a slacker blogger. Ready to hear about Easters?

We did the obligatory Easter Egg Hunt. Nile was around last Easter, but slept through the day. This year she got to collect some egss. There was only one egg that we found on our own.


That's right, in a tire, too high for the other kids to see!

The rest of our basket was filled by the MOST ADORABLE little girl in the whole world (other than Nile, her relatives, our friends' kids, ... etc. right?).


This little girl LOVES Nile; every time we show up to an event and she's there, she and a couple other cute little girls race over and fawn over baby Nile. It is so sweet. And Nile gets all shy and annoyed, haha. They always say "oh, Nile doesn't remember us." And it's not like Nile is the only baby in our community -- these girls, and in particular this cute little girl, just love babies and are so sweet to Nile. They also call me "Nile's mom" which is so funny to hear.

Upon seeing Nile's single egg, this little girl, who had a basketful of eggs and candy, came over and started offloading into Nile's basket! She said, "here, so Baby Nile can have some eggs, too." So kind and thoughtful.


We also had an Easter lunch with some friends. The food was AMAZING. Our friend made lamb for the first time, and it turned out perfect.


 At their house Nile got her first ride in the classic Little Coupe!

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