Monday, May 30, 2011

Roads and Buildings in Gaborone

So this is what this place looks like.

Molepolole (MOH-lay-po-LOH-lay) Rd., looking toward the Gov't Enclave where some gov't offices and embassies are located.

This was yesterday, the cones are there because the road was closed apparently due to an oil spill on the overpass ...

We're going left anyway, (remember, we're driving on the "wrong" side of the road), where we approach the new "Central Business District," or CBD, an area with a lot of new office construction going up.

These buildings are right down from The Square office park (below). The Square has a Fego (South African chain) cafe in the open area, which has OK food, but not excellent.

The building and atmosphere are quite nice though, and across from it is a very nice shopping center with SquareMart grocery. SquareMart is owned by Muslims, so they don't sell alcohol or pork, among other things. Most everything is Halal.

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