Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Funday


We lazed around the house today. We didn't make it to Church ... it doesn't help that Nile will sleep 12+ hours from when we put her down, so if we keep her up late Saturday night, I don't have the heart to wake her up to make it to Church. Gotta work on that one.

Once she was up, she got to play in the pet's water dish in the kitchen though, so she was happy.


Don't worry, the bowl is new -- no pet germs in it yet!

Oh yeah, I haven't told you that OUR PETS ARE HERE, arrived last Saturday from the U.S. That is a story in itself ...

At any rate, lazing around the house was great. I made Forgotten Cookies last night. They are a childhood favorite of mine from my mom's kitchen. I learned, after a friend made the dessert "Pavlova" for Easter, that they are much like Pavlova, but with chocolate chips!


They also are made with brown sugar: We went to a friend's on Friday for a Royal Wedding-watching party, and we won a bag of brown sugar and a bag of Nestle Toll House semisweet morsels (unavailable overseas=expat delights!) during the trivia rounds (yes, she had games during the event!), hence the need to make Forgotten Cookies, of course.

I ate about half the pan by myself.

Then I took care of Nile while Neil caught up on homework. Another thing I have yet to blog about - - Neil is catching up on homework on the weekend because he GOT A JOB!!!!  It is temporary for now, but we are hoping it will become permanent. More on that in a future post.

I think the thing I like least (OK it's not really that bad) about caring for Nile is feeding her -- it takes FOREVER for her to eat, play with the food, continue eating, dislike what she's eating, make a mess, eat again, and I am constantly and unnecessarily paranoid that she will choke.

Later in the day I broke up some dirt around the patio and around the back of the house with a shovel (I know, I know, first no Church, then digging in the yard. This is how it starts.). Yesterday we went to Mica, a local hardware store, where I bought some easy-to-grow flower mixes, some pansy seeds and some foxglove seeds. So I sprinkled the seeds around in the broken-up dirt and watered them. Let's hope they grow! I have a notoriously black thumb.


stephanie joy said...

So that's what forgotten cookies look like! I have always looked at that recipe thinking- that sounds great and I want to make that- but I just couldn't visualize it! I just realized that that's where I had read about someone doing the same thing my sister does with her blog- it was yours! Your sis-in-law right? Let's see if we can do it!

stephanie joy said...

And yes, you better watch out with your wild inactive ways! I'll send the missionaries over- don't make me do it! ;)

Nick n Jess said...

Megan! She is just beautiful! She is getting so big!
I am excited for you to post each day - I love seeing your adventures over seas!

modestmuse said...

Stephanie, I have the worst memory so I vaggguuueeely remember someone doing the photo/post a day and publishing it. And the missionaries have already found us, don't worry!

Thanks, Jessica! And how cute is your beautiful little Miss Paisley Jane?!?!?! She's growing so fast!