Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Um, so what can you really say about something like this:


Yes, you saw that right:


I was cruising back to work in my 6-4 after going home for lunch this afternoon. It was sunny, a perfect 78 degrees, I had my windows down and Jay-Z's "Big Pimpin'" blaring (naturally ;) and these guys merged in front of me.

At the red light I got a good look at their window decal and couldn't believe my eyes. Not so much big pimpin' anymore. I started to feel a little like Michael Bolton and thought, "wow, I hope these guys don't realize I'm an American, I really don't want to deal with whatever they mean by the prominent display of their window decal ... !

I quickly turned down the tunes and fell all over myself racing and fumbling to get my camera out of my purse, which was firmly wedged under my seat, hoping I wouldn't have another episode like this, and then the light turned green.


stephanie joy said...

Whaaaaat? Woah. That is amazing. I am glad you had the chance to get good pictures. WOW. Ok, shocking. Well, they may as well put his birth and death dates below that loving tribute I guess.....

Smallbits said...

Wow. Glad it didn't turn out like the horse lady.

nomadic gnome said...

ahhh disturbing that someone even makes those.

modestmuse said...