Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gaborone Game Reserve

We took a leisurely drive through Gaborone Game Reserve this past weekend.

All our friends who go on amazing (and $$$$) safaris scoff at the Gaborone Game Reserve, but for us, it was our first "real" game drive and first chance to see African wildlife in a natural setting. It is right here in the middle of town so no long drive with Nile to some remote location,  and the price was right (about US $5).

Of course, my camera died about 10 min. in, so I didn't get photos of the flock of ostrich, the Vervet monkeys or the ZEBRAS!!!! But I will next time, and trust me there will be a next time -- it was a fun little drive and so close to home. They also have picnic/bbq areas which looked like fun.



We saw a lot of families of warthogs. They are so ugly/adorable. I kept thinking of the little guy in the Lion King!

Is that an OSTRICH in the road?!

Next time I'll go back and bring the good camera -- and I'll make sure it's charged!

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nomadic gnome said...

i love all these posts lately!! i feel like i am going on a mini-vacation every time i read your blog. you guys have a cool little family.