Monday, May 16, 2011

p.s. re: foods

I realize that I may sound like that person who goes to another country but wants to have all of the comforts of home and not try the local flavor. Wait, maybe I AM that person ...  at least right now. I promise I'm more adventurous than this. But you have to understand that despite Mma Ramotswe's romantic descriptions of delicious pumpkin, beef, stews, and the like, the traditional food here is pretty bland and rather lacking.

Case in point, the daily lunch menu at the office cafeteria never changes. It is the following:

Beef (fried beef tips)
Chicken (fried)
Spinach (boiled)
Chakalaka (baked beans)
White rice
Potato salad or cole slaw
Pap (thick flavorless (and devoid of nutrition) cornmeal)
Samp (thicker cornmeal)
Sometimes another random main dish that is listed in Setswana, so I don't know what it is unless I see it. Or things like Mopane worms. The experience of seeing those served my first week in the office really freaked me out. Like really, really freaked me out.


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Shannon said...

I didn't do too well when I realized the guard picking those out of the tree wasn't helping out the gardeners but instead was gathering lunch. GAG! And they look worse when they are alive!