Monday, May 9, 2011

'Post-a-Day May' Plagued by TIB

Well, folks, my goal of posting every day for the month of May has been derailed for a few days, but I'm hoping I'll be able to get it back on track. And although I have been a sporadic poster in the past, this time it's not entirely my fault: The city, and perhaps the country, has had internet connectivity problems all weekend, across all internet service providers. Everyone I've spoken to either had no internet or very sporadic internet the past few days. I'm posting now at the conclusion of my workday; thank you work internet and however you are connected!

But never fear, once I can keep a home connection long enough to upload a short video to my Flickr account, I have a great cultural experience to share with you -- traditional singing at a Botswana WEDDING!

Shortly after arriving here, we had the missionaries over and one of them said that when things go unexpectedly, they just shrug and say, "TIB." He explained that it stands for "This is Botswana."

So, with that in mind, I won't get upset about not being able to post EVERY day in the month of May. I will just add that to the unique experience of blogging straight from the Land of the Kalahari, and say "TIB. This is Botswana."

P.s. for your veiwing pleasure, I offer the following taken this past weekend at the local grocery store. Nile loves animals, especially dogs and cats, and photos of same.


Dakota said...

TIA -- "This is Afghanistan" -- is pretty common here. Even the Governor of our little province says it from time to time (usually in the face of a lengthy flight delay). Good to know that if I end up in Africa for my next tour, I can expect a similar nonchalance.

Take care,
(A fellow foreign service blogger, currently in western Afghanistan --

stephanie joy said...

Your photos look like they are from a magazine. Like, look at that cute mom and baby choosing the best dog food for their pet! :) I'm gonna start saying TIL every time something takes a looooooonger amount of time than normal, or when it floods, or when someone gets a boom box out during testimony meeting, or when I get the run around on campus over one small piece of paperwork! :) Thanks!

modestmuse said...

Wow, two amazing writers commenting on my blog!

Stephanie, I totally remember that in Laie, it drove me crazy! OK, but not the boom box during testimony meeting, do tell!

And Dakota, wow, you are an awesome, hilarious writer. I will definitely keep up with your blog. Are you planning an Africa tour after Afghanistan?