Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Wedding-inspired Millinery

At work on Friday, I watched some of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton live before I took off (love half-day Fridays around here!). We then went to a friend's house who had DVR'd the event and who was hosting a wedding-watching party.

As this was one of the limited times I could really get away with it, I wore my very homemade fascinator. When we returned home and I was feeding Nile dinner, I kept it on just for fun. Nile kept looking at it, and then out of nowhere she looked right at me with a chunk of banana in her hand and placed the chunk on top of her head. She has never put her food on herself like that, so I really think she was trying to imitate my headwear!



Anne said...

That is darling!

stephanie joy said...

haha! Awww she wants to be just like you!

nomadic gnome said...

that's so cute!

Rob and Kat said...

you and baby girl are both so beautiful!